Julie St-Cyr, Canada

Division of biochemistry

I obtained my medical degree from McGill University in 1981. I then completed a residency in Anatomic Pathology at McGill University followed by 2 years of Clinical Pathology at the University Hospital of Vermont in Burlington. Upon returning to Canada in 1988, I completed 1 year of internal medicine in order to be eligible for the RCPSC specialty exam in Medical Biochemistry. Upon receiving my specialty certificate in 1990, I was appointed as Director of Biochemistry at SMHC. I am very active at McGill University where I teach the first, second and third year medical students. I was  appointed in 2015 as "Chef du departement de biologie medicale of the CIUSS ODIM".  As was named chief of the division of biochemistry  for the OPTILAB cluster of the MUHC in April 2017.

Lectures by Julie St-Cyr

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