A-06 What you need to know in 2018 to manage resistant hypertension
Monday November 26, 2018 from 11:00 to 12:00
St-Laurent 7

Ernesto Schiffrin, Canada



Jewish General Hospital


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Resistant hypertension is hypertension that does not respond to adequate doses of 3 or more  antihypertensive drugs.

It represents 10-15% of the general hypertensive population.

Refractory hypertension is defined as BP that remains uncontrolled after 3 visits to a hypertension clinic within a minimum 6-month follow-up period.

Secondary causes of hypertension, obesity, diabetes, sleep disordered breathing and excess salt intake or use of AINS drugs are among some of the findings associated with resistant or refractory hypertension.

Adherence needs to be assessed by asking the patient about medication use, perceptions about medication efficacy, and presence of adverse effects, if any. 

Treatment requires a low salt diet and use of full doses of three antihypertensive agents such as an ACEI or an ARB, a CCB and a diuretic, preferably chlorthalidone or indapamide, plus a mineralocorticoid receptor blocker (aldosterone antagonist) such as spironolactone (or eplerenone).

Device-based treatments are in development, including renal denervation and others.




As a result of attending this session, participants will be able to:

  • diagnose resistant hypertension
  • understand more about drugs and conditions that can result in resistant hypertension
  • understand how to approach the treatment of resistant hypertension
  • deal with adherence to treatment which may be involved in resistant hypertension
  • be up to date on new device-based interventions in development for treatment of resistant hypertension




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