E-02 Sleep disorders in the elderly
Tuesday November 27, 2018 from 11:40 to 12:40
St-Laurent 5

Thanh Dang Vu, Canada

Associate Professor

Department of Health, Kinesiology and Applied Physiology

Concordia University


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Sleep disorders are highly prevalent in the general population, affecting physical and mental well-being. Aging is associated with a further increase in the prevalence of specific sleep disorders, due to physiological, social and behavioral changes occurring with age. This lecture will review the clinical features, pathophysiology and treatment recommendations of sleep disorders relevant to the elderly population, such as chronic insomnia, sleep apnea and REM sleep behavior disorder.


As a result of attending this session, participants will be able to:

  • describe the physiological changes in sleep architecture and regulation with age
  • explain the presentation and impacts of sleep disorders in the elderly population
  • adapt the management of sleep disorders in the context of older patients
  • identify the indications and limits of pharmacological treatments for sleep disorders, and recognize the importance of non-pharmacological interventions



Lectures by Thanh Dang Vu

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11:40 - 12:40
Workshops - E Sleep disorders in the elderly St-Laurent 5
12:40 - 13:40
Lunch Break and Lunch&Learns Management of chronic insomnia Salle de Bal de Montréal

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